Recycling Process

Recycling Process

Recycling Process The recycling process is divided into the following stages, in which there are strict quality controls for ensuring the regular course of production and achieving maximum product quality:

  • Reception and storage of used batteries
  • Batteries crushing
  • Materials sorting
  • Materials sorting | High quality polypropylene, Pb <1500ppm
  • Materials sorting | Heavy plastics (ebonite, PVC, ABS, etc.)
  • Materials sorting | High quality minerals > 96% (poles and grids)
  • Supply of materials for furnace (lead paste, plates-grids, anthracite, iron, sodium carbonate)
  • Casting (furnace) at 1000 οC
  • Molten lead paste for processing / refining
  • Refining
  • Casting (ingots)
  • Production of pure lead and lead alloys (99.99%)

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