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Our Company


SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A. , as a member of one of the most strong and developing business Groups in Greece, Olympia Group, records a constantly upward course and strengthens its presence on a global level. On its third decade of operations, is guided by consistent vision and strategy. With technological innovation firmly in its sights and its passion for excellence, SUNLIGHT is ranked among the world’s top ten manufacturers of industrial batteries and of advanced technology batteries.

SUNLIGHT Recycling


SUNLIGHT Recycling is the Lead-acid Battery Recycling Branch of SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A., expanding the business ecosystem developed by the Panos Germanos Group of Companies. Recognising the potential of the Greek market, and having a clear commitment to support the domestic economy, SUNLIGHT has built the most contemporary Lead-acid Battery Recycling Unit in Europe, which constitutes an investment of over €31 million in its first phase.

Recycling Plant

The new recycling plant, built in a plot area of 4.2 hectare in the Industrial Area of Komotini (Prefecture of Rodopi), will be able to recycle 25,000 tons of spent batteries per year, creating multiple financial and environmental benefits at local and national level.



Our Services

SUNLIGHT Recycling presents the first holistic approach to the recycling of lead-acid batteries in Greece, as it covers the full recycling cycle. That is, the collection and accumulation of used lead-acid batteries (ULAB), their recycling based on international quality standards, and the use of recycled materials for the production of new batteries in Greece by SYSTEMS SUNLIGHT S.A.


For the construction and the implementation of this investment, SUNLIGHT Recycling, entered into a strategic collaboration with Engitec, a global leader in engineering, procurement, construction and operation of lead-acid batteries recycling plants. This collaboration ensures unrivalled quality in the design of the plant, the construction of the equipment, and the recovered materials. The production process of the plant has been shaped using cutting-edge expertise, ensuring top environmental performances. More specifically:

  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) in the environment, by utilizing water closed-loop systems.
  • Zero discharge of electrolyte (acid) through the neutralization process of acid and its conversion into high-quality industrial salt (sodium sulphate).
  • Zero Air Pollution: The advanced and specially designed air pollution control and abatement system minimises SO2 (sulphur dioxide) emissions.
  • Minimization (<5%) of solid hazardous waste (slag).
  • Elimination of lead emissions achieving ultimate metal recovery through the use of advanced air filtration systems for the ultimate capture of dust.
  • Solid waste minimisation, using the innovative technology of desulphurization.